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ISPOR 16th Annual European Congress

Dublin, Ireland, 03.-07. November 2013

  1. Poster Presentation: E. Walter,  M. Said 

    Cost effectiveness of Apomorphine in the treatment of advanced Parkinson Disease in the UK and Germany: Results from a multicounty decision analytic model

  2. Poster Presentation: E. Walter, A. Dragosits, E. Gollner, B. Szabo, F. Schnabel 

    The burden of disease attributable to physical inactivity in the Austrian region of Burgenland 

  3. Poster Presentation: E. Walter, M. Said, M. Bauer, H. Samonigg, G. Gastl 

    Cost of cancer in the Austrian hospital setting

  4. Poster Presentation: A.R. Prusa, E. Walter, A. Pollak, M. Hayde, D.C. Kasper 

    Cost-effectiveness of Maternal Toxoplasma Screening in Austria: A Decision-Analytic Model 

  5. Poster Presentation: M. Said, E. Walter 

    Pre-financing function of the pharmaceutical full-line wholesale sector in the European Union 

  6. Poster Presentation: M. Said, E. Walter

    Pharmacists´satisfaction with different pharmaceutical distribution models in five European countries