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ISPOR 15th Annual European Congress

Berlin, Germany, 03.-07. November 2012

  1. Poster Presentation: E. Walter, A. Dragosits, M. Said 

    Cost effectiveness of Paliperidone depot versus oral medication in the treatment of schizophrenia in Austria 

  2. Poster Presentation: A. Dragosits, M. Said, E. Walter

    Cost-Minimization-Analysis of Paliperidone Palmitate in the treatment of Schizophrenia in Austria

  3. Poster Presentation: M. Said, A. Dragosits, E. Walter 

    Cost-effectiveness-analysis of the combination-therapy Telaprevir, Peg-IFNα2a and Ribavirin in patients with chronic Hepatitis-C in Austria

  4. Poster Presentation: D. Mercsanits, M. Said, A. Dragosits, E. Walter 

    Cost-comparison-analysis of antibody therapy in metastatic Colorectal Cancer

  5. Poster Presentation: E. Walter, D. Mercsanits 

    Cost effectiveness of Cyclophosphamide in the adjuvant treatment of breast cancer in Europe: a multi-country study

  6. Poster Presentation: E. Walter, A. Dragosits, K. Noerens, H. De Bosscher, H. Blom, P. Maton 

    Cost analysis of neonatal and pediatric parenteral nutrition in Belgium

  7. Poster Presentation: E. Walter, D. Mercsanits, A. Dragosits, M. Said 

    Cost effectiveness of Varenicline compared with Bupropion and NRT (Nicorette) for smoking cessation in Austria