Health Economics

In general, Health Economics is concerned with the rational use and the scarcity of resources in health care. The focus lies on health goods, such as pharmaceuticals, medicines and medical aids, therapeutic measures, operations, etc. of various participants in the market such as health insurers and patients.

The Institute for Pharmaeconomic Research (IPF) deals with different problems within the field of health economics, e.g. health expenditure, optimal financing, economic importance of particular sectors or socio-economic determinants within the health care system. National Regulations of the health market and health policy affiliate the main focus of health-economic research areas of the institute too.

According to the fact that Health Economics uses scientific methods, it gives the opportunity to present a realistic picture of the health sector.

The IPF offers the following Portfolio within the area of Health Economics:

  • Health Service Research
  • Health Care Research
  • Health Expenditure
  • Optimal Financing
  • Economic Importance of particular Sectors
  • Socio-economic Determinants within the Health Care System
  • National Regulations of the Health Market
  • Health Policy