Cost-effectiveness of continuous subcutaneous apomorphine in the treatment of Parkinson's disease in the UK and Germany

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Socio-economic aspects of the testing for antibodies in MS-Patients under Interferon Therapy in Austria: A cost of Illness Study

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Kosteneffektivität der primärprofilatischen Gabe von Pegfilgrastim vs. Filgrastim bei Brustkrebspatienten in Österreich

Walter E
Recht der Medizin Beilage Gesundheit und Ökonomie, Dezember 2013

Cost Efectividad del Tratamiento de la Anemia inducida por quimioteerapia con agentes estimuladores dela Eritropoyesis

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Pharmaökonomische Aspekte von Biosimilars : Kosteneffektivitätsvorteil?

Walter E
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Cost analysis: treatment of chemotherapy-induced anemia with erythropoiesis-stimulating agents in five European countries

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Access to pharmaceutical products in six European countries – analysis of different pharmaceutical distribution systems

E. Walter, A. Dragosits, M. Said
in: Farmaeconomia. Health economics and therapeutic pathways 2012; 13(1): 33-41
download (PDF 970 kb)

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Cost-effectiveness of Palivizumab for Respiratory Syncytial Virus Infection in High-risk Children, Based on Long-term Epidemiologic Data From Austria

B. Resch, C. Sommer, M.J.C. Nuijten, S. Seidinger, E. Walter, V. Schöllbauer, W.D. Mueller
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Cost analysis of neonatal and pediatric parenteral nutrition in Europe – a multi-country study

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How to save money: congenital CMV infection and the economy

E. Walter, C. Brennig, V. Schöllbauer
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Wien New York 2011

Impact of stereotactic 11-g vacuum- assisted breast biopsy on cost of diagnosis in Austria

R. Gruber, E. Walter, Th. Helbich
in: European Journal of Radiology, October 2009

Cost comparison between ultrasound-guided 14-g large core breast biopsy and open surgical biopsy: An analysis for Austria

R. Gruber, E. Walter, Th. Helbich
In: European Journal of Radiology, March 2009

Oncological costs of medicine amongst a health economic context

Walter E., Batista A.

(only available in GERMAN)
In: Wiener Medizinische Wochenschrift 2008

„Economic aspects in Rheumatology”

Walter E.

(only available in GERMAN)
In: top medizin, Fachzeitschrift für Innere
und Allgemeinmediziner, Heft 01/2008

„Cost-effectiveness of 45 mg leuprorelin acetate administered every 6 months for the treatment of the progressed prostate carcinoma in Austria”

Brennig C., Walter E.

(only available in GERMAN)
in: Recht der Medizin, Beilage Ö&G, Heft 01/2008

„Cost-effectiveness of Rosuvastin vs. Simavastatin: 1st Line Treatment in Austria”

Zehetmayr S., Walter E.

(only available in GERMAN)
in: Krause & Pachernegg,
Journal für Kardiologie, Nummer 7-8/2007

“Cost-effective prevention of chemotherapy-induced nausea and regurgitate (CINV) in the supportive care of cancer patients”

Zehetmayr S., Walter E.

(only available in GERMAN)
in: Recht der Medizin, Beilage Ö&G,
Heft 03 / 2007

„Cost-effectiveness of Solifenacin in the treatment of the overactive bladder in Austria”

Walter E., Brennig C.

(only available in GERMAN)
in: Recht der Medizin, Beilage Ö&G, Heft 03 / 2007

„Palonosetron – cost-effective prevention of the chemotherapy-induced nausea and regurgitate (CINV)“

Walter E., Zehetmayr S., Achzet G.
Posterpräsentation bei der ÖGHO - Frühjahrestagung der Österreichischen Gesellschaft für Hämatologie und Onkologie; 12.04-14.04.2007

(only available in GERMAN)
download (PDF 619 KB)

“Theoretical implications for health economic evaluation with outlook to Austria”

Walter E., Zehetmayr S.
in: Wiener Medizinische Wochenschrift 156. Jahrgang, Heft 23/24 Dezember 2006

(only available in GERMAN)
download (PDF 2MB)

„Guidelines on health economic evaluation – Consesus paper“

Walter E., Zehetmayr S.
in: Wiener Medizinische Wochenschrift
156. Jahrgang, Heft 23/24 Dezember 2006

(only available in GERMAN)
download (PDF 1MB)

„Highly effective and cost-effective“

In: CliniCum 12/2006

(only available in GERMAN)
download (PDF 96kb)

„Austrian Guidelines for health economic evaluation“

Walter E.

(only available in GERMAN)
in: PharmacoEconomics German
Research Articles 2006; 4 (2): 55-63

„Darbepoetin alfa in the treatment of chemotherapy-induced anemia”

Walter E.

(only available in GERMAN)
in: Krankenhauspharmazie,
27. Jahrgang, Heft 1, Januar 2006
Seiten 24-31

„Dimension of the Austrian health care expenditures for 2003"

Walter E., in:
Wirtschaftspolitische Blätter 4/2005

(only available in GERMAN)
download (PDF 1,00 mb)

"Important driver of innovation and economic factors"

In: Pharmig info 2/2005

(only available in GERMAN)
download (PDF 890 kb)

„Healthy value growth“

In: Pharmig News - eine Beilage der Pharmig in Wirtschaftsblatt und Medianet
25. November 2005

(only available in GERMAN)
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"Pharmaceutical industry contributes one billion to the Austrian value-added”

In: Standard 24.11.2005

(only available in GERMAN)
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„Reliable data for effective reforms“

Walter E., in: Apotheker Krone 2/05

(only available in GERMAN)
download (PDF 1,35 mb)

6 wishes for a rationale health reform

Walter E., in: Welldone 12/2004

(only available in GERMAN)
download (PDF 635 kb)

"Scientific Models & Political realities in the health care sytem"

Vienna, 30.11.2004
Walter E.

(only available in GERMAN)

Useful life - good harvest

Walter E., in: Innenwelt Nr.2/2004

(only available in GERMAN)
download (PDF 100 kb)

Cost-effectiveness of Escitalopram versus Citalopram in the Treatment of severe Depression in Austria

Hemels M., Kasper S., Walter E., Enron T., in: Value in Health, Vol. 7, No. 3/2004
download (PDF 296 kb)

Cost factor depression

Walter E., in: CliniCum psy, Ausgabe Nr. 3/2004, S. 8-9

(only available in GERMAN)
download (PDF 1,23 mb)

In the service of health economics

Walter E., in: Pharmig Info, Ausgabe Nr. 2/2004, S. 20-21

(only available in GERMAN)
download (PDF 792 kb)

Chronic funding crisis in the health care system

Walter E., in: Glocalist , Ausgabe Nr. 36/2004, S. 12-13

(only available in GERMAN)
download (PDF 915 kb)

The Supreme Court judgment: Opportunities for health funding from one source?

Clement W., in: Doktor in Wien, 11/2003

(only available in GERMAN)
download (PDF 1,41 mb)

Mirtazapine - a cost-effective treatment of depression: an Austrian analysis

Walter E. in: Journal für Neurologie, Neurochirurgie und Psychiatrie Nr. 3/2003

(only available in GERMAN)
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Profit margins on pharmaceutical products: The game with the percentages

Walter E., OTS-Meldung 06.08.2003

(only available in GERMAN)
download (PDF 264 kb)